Very academic, which can make it a bit intense at times. Tracey Emin. One of the most outstanding features of Cambridge is the richness and diversity of its music-making at all levels and in a wide variety of contexts. Has its own punts and the longest river frontage of any Cambridge college. academic and information skills that you will need during your studies, as well as how and where you be working. Essential Carols - The Very Best of King's College Choir, Cambridge Choir of King's College, Cambridge. ‘There was more than one lobster at the birth of Jesus?’. That way, you can appreciate them in their historical context and analyse them and their performance history to better understand their structure, content or horizons for interpretation. Pretty bad rep for being posh and for misogyny at swaps. You’re not allowed to sit on the horse sculpture, no matter how tempting it is. ACTIVITIES FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS. Please visit the University website for full details of the Music course content and structure. If you're applying from outside the UK, please read our international students section. QUIZ: Are you more like Iris or Amanda from The Holiday? Has the richest boat club, so it’s ideal if you want to get into the rowing scene. We find that Music students arrive for interview with a very wide range of skills and interests. Further information and helpful links are available in the resources section below. British Library resource featuring composers such as Berg, Britten, Delius, Elgar, Holst, Ravel, Schoenberg, Smyth, Stravinsky, Vaughan Williams and Webern. Established in 1326, with about 450 undergrads. Good starting points would be the harmonisation of Bach chorales, the completion of two-part modal counterpoint exercises or keyboard variation sets. Established in 1347, with about 450 undergrads. In 2017, Selwyn was ranked ninth out of the 29 Cambridge colleges in order of undergraduates' performances in examinations on the Tompkins Table but was first in 2008. You’ll never guess what we found in the River Cam! In 2006 it had an estimated financial endowment of £75 million, and, in 2004, fixed assets were worth £70 million. Arts. Apply now to join The Cambridge Tab’s team for Lent 2021! Attending college is one of the most important decisions for any young musician. Perhaps thanks to the distance, Fitz have a habit of migrating en masse when it comes to a night out, and in general there's a strong community spirit. A Better Way to Learn. Established in 1977, with about 400 undergrads. Mathematics . Meet the queens who will be taking part. * Please note: In our recent print edition, the Selwyn and Downing ratios for gender intake are now out of date, as was the state school intake for Emmanuel. The most ‘socially diverse’ intake ever? Fantastic, newly renovated bar which looks like something out of St Pancras International. We also help you develop your essay writing and research skills, and train you to use subject-specific e-resources. Up the hill so a bit of a trek to get back to after lectures or clubbing. Quiz: Write some 1D fan fiction and we’ll tell you which member is your soulmate, The reaction to Stephen Bear proves some men still don’t understand consent in 2020, Only a true Love Actually nerd can match every quote to the character that said them, How well would you survive Home Alone? Pros. The distance from town means that there’s a really strong sense of community and very few tourists. Unexpectedly academic, so the atmosphere can be intense and the library gets very crowded full of people you know. Central, but off the tourist track, lots of open space, close enough to shops and lectures but far away enough from the masses of tourists around King’s. The Women Don’t Owe You Pretty author has been accused of profiting from ‘black ideas, black activism and black work’, We may be in a pandemic but a meme never hurt anybody, If your favourite isn’t Maltesers, you should be disappointed in yourself, Something to fill the winter nights if you haven’t watched already, How to get into hundreds of art galleries and museums for FREE, Cambridge students to return to university as normal in January, Love in lockdown: A guide to Covid-era Cambridge dating, Cambridge Best Bums 2020: Meet the winners. The College pays instrumental lesson fees for undergraduate Music students and travel to those lessons if needed. Fit but first years live about 14894505830 miles from here. Difficult to get to know everyone in your year – there are over 250 undergrads per year, so it's a big college. We encourage competency across a broad range of skills, so you’re not necessarily at a disadvantage if you’re a beginner pianist. Promoting the study and performance of music by female and non-binary composers. It’s very big, in terms of footprint, so it takes a while to walk from Cripps to the main plodge. Only began accepting women in 1988 and was the last Oxbridge college to do so – if you sit on the beach you will hear punt guides say this every time they go past. We will release further details about alternative arrangements as soon as we can. Would you go to Oxbridge? University-wide statement: In order to minimise Covid-related risks to our applicants, students and staff in the coming undergraduate admissions round, we are making plans to interview applicants this year without requiring them to travel to Cambridge in December. Really big – sports grounds right by the college. Lots more sciences students than arts (which partly contributes to gender ratios too). Established in 1768, becoming a constituent college in 2010, with about 600 undergrads. The location also has its perks, with an Aldi (recently voted best gin) just a five minute walk away. For performance, we offer superb chapels and concert halls. It’s teeny weeny – this is such a pain if you get with someone – everyone will know. These experiences are best for tours in Cambridge: Alumni-Guided Cambridge University College Walking Tour; Historic Cambridge Walking Tour; Cambridge Private Tour: Secret Society Exploration Game; Shared Punting Tour in Cambridge; Cambridge Colleges Classic Sights: A Self-Guided Audio Walk; See more tours in Cambridge on Tripadvisor You have to eat in hall 36 times per term, and the food is pretty notoriously bad. A bit normcore – people usually forget about it. Others have used this degree as a springboard into quite different careers such as law, accountancy and management. For students applying this year, once you have submitted your UCAS application, information for the next stages is in the current applicants section. See also, Tom Pankhurst's resource for harmonising Bach chorales, A blog on research at the Faculty of Music, BBC Radio 3's Composer Of The Week is a guide to composers and their music (accessible in the UK only). It is also worth watching the recordings from the 2020 Music Faculty Virtual Open Day. In first year, you all live together in Harvey Court, which is great for gelling as a year group. Keeping all postcard suppliers in business, Iconic chapel – probs the most photographed building in Cambridge. ... Join Lord Byron, Wittgenstein and Frances Bacon as alumni of Trinity College. Carew has been a long-term advocate for the mental health counseling profession. Talks and films including recordings from the July 2020 Virtual Open Day, Website for secondary school students who would like to explore Music, An essay, preferably (but not necessarily) on music, An analytical discussion of a short piece of music, A critical discussion of a piece of text relating to music, Discussion of some general themes in the study of music, 42 points overall in the IB with 7,7,6 in Higher Level subjects including Music, Option Internationale du Baccalauréat: at least 17/20, with 17 or 18 in relevant subjects including Music, European Baccalaureate: at least 85% overall, with 9/10 in relevant subjects including Music.