‘The orographie impact of the Andean Cordillera can be seen clearly, enhancing rainfall on the east slope and forming a rain shadow on the west slope.’ ‘Honiara, the capital, is situated on Guadalcanal, in a rain shadow cast by a high mountain range.’ Jump to navigation Jump to search. Definition of rain shadow in English: rain shadow. Thus, the purpose of this study is to critically examine the definition of a rain shadow, highlighting the ambiguity in its definition and the ambiguity in providing quantitative information to evaluate the rain-shadow effect using the example of the Peak District. in the mountains of the south-western USA, where the wetter western slopes of the Coast Range and Sierra Nevada contrast with the desert areas of Nevada and eastern California on the lee side of the mountains. 3. An example of a rain shadow is Death Valley. Synonyms for Rainshadow in Free Thesaurus. Meaning of RAIN SHADOW. All of these prevailing winds help generate the rain shadow effect that is commonly found around the world. ; ex)The Tibetan Plateau where rain does not make it past the Himalayas, leading to an arid climate on the leeward side of the mountain range. We hope that discussing these issues out in the open will be beneficial to the overall discussion of how to identify and quantify a rain shadow . Rain shadow: A warm and dry spot blocked from the rain because it's in the shadow of large mountains. What does RAIN SHADOW mean? Wikipedia . The definition of a rain shadow is the dry area on one side of a mountain (the lee or downwind side) caused as winds lose their moisture travelling up a mountain. Slopes facing windward with respect to prevailing or seasonal moisture-bearing flows typically experience heavy orographic precipitation. YourDictionary definition and usage example. rain shadow definition kidshow to rain shadow definition kids for Shobha Naik. In Asia, the Himalaya mountain range acts as the catalyst for the rain shadow effect over the Tibetan Plateau, Central Asia, and the Gobi Desert. rain shadow: rain shadow; English. Atlas » Learn more about the world with our collection of regional and country maps. Well, first, we need a mountain range. Synonyms for rain shadows in Free Thesaurus. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary rain on definition in English dictionary, rain on meaning, synonyms, see also 'rain check',rain gauge',rain shadow',rain tree'. Search the Kids Internet . rain shadow (plural rain shadows) (meteorology) an area of diminished precipitation on … Choose from 143 different sets of rain shadow flashcards on Quizlet. [Goat on a mountain side] 01:11. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. This is why places like Arica, Chile average only .5mm of rain per year. A region of sharply reduced precipitation on the lee side of an orographic barrier, as compared with regions upwind of the barrier. Translate rain shadow into Spanish. rain shadow - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Antonyms for Rainshadow. California's mountains produce rain shadows on the eastern side, creating extensive deserts. definition of "rain shadow" Sentences Mobile. rain shadow: 1 n an area that has little precipitation because some barrier causes the winds to lose their moisture before reaching it Type of: area , country a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography) rain shadow: rain shadow [the ~] noun. A rain shadow is the result of … This study does not address the physical mechanisms for the rain shadow. Pronunciation /rān ˈSHadō/ /reɪn ˈʃædoʊ/ See synonyms for rain shadow. A useful introductory chapter discusses how mountains create a rain shadow, and how to get a feel for weather by looking at clouds and sunbows. : Along the way, look closely at the bluffs for the small prickly pear cactus that grows in the rain shadow here. noun. A region having little rainfall because it is sheltered from prevailing rain-bearing winds by a range of hills. A rain shadow describes the dry area on one side of a mountain or mountain range where less rain falls. In 2007, Ward returned to television, headlining the new Rain Shadow ". All Free. Information and translations of rain shadow in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Kids.Net.Au - Dictionary > Definition: rain shadow . The rain shadow results when moisture-laden air is forced to ascend the encircling mountains and thus drops most of that moisture on the windward side of the range summits. The mountains block the passage of rain-producing weather systems, casting a "shadow" of … Rain Shadow Effect An area having little precipitation due to the effect of a mountain range which causes the winds to lose their moisture on the windward side and causes the leeward side to be dry.