To become a bounty hunter, most states require the completion of a training program, such as those offered by various vocational schools. You will come to understand and integrate yourself and blend into the canvass of any environment. BOUNTY HUNTERS WANTED. Bounty Hunter Store; Newsletter Subscription; School Background; Print Literature; Contact Us; FAQ’s; My Account. BountyHunterAcademy2020-07-01T09:52:44-04:00Categories: Uncategorized|, Do you remember the ‘Posse Comitatus Act’ in 1878. “The purpose of the act… (was) to limit the powers of the Federal government in using its military personnel [...], BountyHunterAcademy2020-06-19T19:19:51-04:00Categories: International Affairs, Security & Protection, Uncategorized, War Crime|, Scott Bernstein Owner/founder at Bounty Hunter Training Academy and Child Recovery International. We are the ONLY and original Bounty Hunter Training Academy where you can reap the benefits and earn respect and envy from others in this industry. You will learn the legal aspects of fugitive recovery, investigative techniques, investigative resources, and the tactical considerations of a fugitive apprehension. Training options for a bounty hunter depend on one’s background. We strive to make you a success in the bail industry and have the track record to prove it. Southern California Training Center. Bounty Hunter Academy. Obtain the appropriate training. Join the Bounty Hunter Training Academy Team Office Location(s) Job Openings; Company Website; To grab at a seat at this fascinating hands-on course, the training to become a word-class elite Hunter with the Academy is a 2-day training followed by a voluntary weapons training of 5 days. Crisis Resolution. Because many bounty hunters eventually go on to pursue jobs in law enforcement, a … This industry is a science and you begin the tracking by entering into the portal of each defendant. Fugitive Recovery Training in California is comprised of bail education in numerous parts of the many codes that makes up California laws to include the California Constitution, published case cites, and it is equally critical to have a working knowledge of how federal law may or may not apply to bounty hunting activities and in direct relation to operating as a bail enforcement agent. 2:02. How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Texas . We have been featured for our achievements in 28 international documentaries of which you can see samples fo all all of youtube channel of ‘serialsavior’. We will teach you to work efficiently and effectively to work in Fugitive Recovery Task Force teams of 3-4 Agents to be safe and effective. Training is the most significant part of getting the job. Bail Education Association is leading the bail bond industry with its current course content and real world experience training. Bail Agent Licensing. Bounty Hunter Programs and Schools in Indiana There is only ONE Academy in the nation with over 11,000 graduates, 100% testimony satisfaction rate and a 95% employment history! Call the numbers listed for directions It would be best if you were a Level I Graduate to be considered for our Level II/III Training Modules which is a week-long program designed for those who are highly motivated and driven for superiority in everything they do. 12412 Angel Falls Road For the required bail agent pre-licensing course in California, you will not find a more complete course that … There are specific courses for the job, which some states will need the applicant to complete. PMSAZ Security Services is your professional and reliable security solution. BHTA is available to provide consulting on Bounty Hunter tactical equipment selection and even Fugitive Recovery mission guidance. Email confirmation sent within 24-hours of receipt of fax. Only highly trained Academy graduates and other world-class professionals. Again, however, you’ll want to be sure that your police academy training will apply to bounty hunter licensure in your state. Several states need prospective bounty hunters to participate in an academy or community training college. The average annual salary for a private investigator in Indiana in 2015 was $52,840. Indiana Bounty Hunter Salary. How to Become a Penal Code 1299 Compliant Bounty Hunter. We have been featured on most shows on network and cable TV and every talk show. While you can't receive formal certification or recognition as a bounty hunter over the Internet, there are some stand-alone courses and training programs you can complete online. Learn More about PMSAZ … The Bounty Hunter Apprentice. Aside from hunting ‘Fugitives for Profit,’ which is the industry norm, the Academy goes the extra distance and educates you regarding freelance opportunities in the hunt of ‘deadbeat parents.’. Security Services. (984) 235-1869 Courses held around the nation 23 times … Speaker. This is the only elite hands-on tactical training academy in the nation with employment opportunities immediately following the course. Informational Links: (984) 235-1869 | (984) 235-4816. Women Only Training; Private Instruction; Fugitive Recovery - 2 Day Certificate Course MODULE 1: Course description: This course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a successful fugitive recovery agent (Bounty Hunter). You will learn the legal aspects of fugitive recovery, investigative techniques, investigative resources, and the tactical considerations of a … The Basic Bounty Hunter Course is 20 hours long and aims to prepare its students for careers as bail agents. Our civilians are sharp, focused and inspired to take on any challenge once engaged in our training modules. Prospects for bounty hunters should be fairly close to this number. Trump’s golf trips to Mar-a-Lago cost country $13.8 million for local security. Fax in Registration Form with full Credit Card payment no less than 10-days before class weekend. We pride ourselves on designing a program that is engaging, challenging, powerful and fun. However, many aspiring bounty hunters also look to degrees in the field of criminal justice. Our friendly, highly trained staff will make sure your event is secure as possible. Register. This is NOT a novice course, and you will immediately find the confidence with your new skills to take on any challenges immediately with one-second submissions, one-second handcuffing (with resistance) regardless of size, stature or power. The Alpha Group Training Academy provides quality in house training, in accordance with DCJS standards. Schedule Brief. Register Now. As such, bounty hunters sometimes seek additional training in self-defense, through elective classes in martial arts or kickboxing. It is imperative that you need to locate your Target before your squad deploys. We train SWAT and SERT teams in this nation and police and military in other countries. We have many gun ranges at our facilities on the east and west coast in Fresno, California, and Wayne, New Jersey. Different Coils For Different Tasks. A bounty hunter is a professional person who captures fugitives or criminals for a commission or bounty. You do not need to be physically superior, and you need to be mentally agile and possess unparalleled skills from the best-in-class trainers with established track records. To become a bounty hunter, most states require the completion of a training program, such as those offered by various vocational schools.