Bruder Klaus Field Chapel. Concrete is cast around a group of 120 tree trunks, cut at a local forest, and then slowly burned. Products. menu. The Bruder Klaus Field Chapel began as a sketch that eventually evolved into a stylish point of reference while essential in the natural landscape of Germany. Last fall, we had the chance to stop by during a short one-week road trip … Building Type. Entry ends Nov 20th Learn More Learn More close. Environmental Response. This field chapel, which opened in 2007, is a wonderful embodiment of both Klaus's asceticism, and Zumthor's own reserve. Jobs. Download Full Text (855 KB) Project Location. Image from Bruder Klaus Field Chapel by Peter Zumthor in Mechernich, Germany. Its initial structure was constructed from 112 local pine trees, cut and arranged into a kind of wigwam by Scheidtweiler's friends and family. Files. Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is a small concrete chapel built by local farmers on the edge of a field in Mechernich on the way Rissdorfer Weg, in a low slope of the Eifel (Naturpark Nordeife) Natural Park, 55 km from Cologne in the west of Germany. 2007. Projects. Building Massing. He designed the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, built on a farm close to Wachendorf, and later the Kolumba Diocesan Museum in 2007 in Cologne. There is no plumbing, bathrooms, running water, electricity.To me, buildings can have a beautiful silence that I associate with attributes such as composure, self-evidence, durability, presence, and integrity, and with warmth and sensuousness as … The design was done by local farmers who wanted to honor their patron saint, Bruder Klaus of the fifteenth century. Journal. com/106352/bruder-klaus-field-chapel-peter-zumthor/> “In order to design buildings with a sensuous connection to life, one must think in a way that goes far beyond form and construction.” This quote from Peter Zumthor rings true in his design of Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, where a mystical and thought-proving interior is masked At places like Bregenz or the Bruder Klaus chapel, visitors respond not just to how his buildings look but also to their sounds, smells, to the light as … Firms. Manufacturers. Mechernich, Germany. Recommended Citation. Awards. Sign In. Images. He is also the author of an excellent small book series ‘Thinking Architecture’ and ‘Atmospheres’, both of which feature in our architecture book list here. Year of Completion. ... ‘Materiality, activation of senses, quality of details and the creation of atmosphere within space’; [i] all qualities that Peter Zumthor exemplifies in his built work. Above: Brother Klaus Field Chapel, 2007 Wachendorf, Eifel, Germany. The production of this material is very natural to the environment. The chapel evokes a sombre and reflective character. The Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, completed in 2007 is located on an agricultural landscape in the rural town of Eifel, Germany. Join Now. Bruder Klaus Field Chapel case study By Juan Gonzalez Location: Mechernich, Germany Architect: Peter Zumthor Owner: N/A Year of completion: 2007 Climate: Marine West Coast Material of interest: Concrete Application: Structure Properties of material: The concrete was poured in layers of 50 cm on framework made of 112 tree trunks. Enter the 2020 A+Firm Awards! See more ideas about peter zumthor, chapel, architect. Located 55 km southwest of Cologne and 43km away from Bonn, the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is a remarkable work of religious architecture set at the edge of a field near Mechernich. Institutional. Image from Bruder Klaus Field Chapel by Peter Zumthor in Mechernich, Germany. Download. Apr 26, 2015 - Explore Tim Jacoby's board "Peter Zumthor, Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, Wachendorf", followed by 275 people on Pinterest.